How to choose the right color

Believe it or not, there are actually a few things
to consider when trying to choose a paint color, for any room!

1. To each their own: choose a color because you like it 
not because it's on trend or because I told you it's the right one. 
You have to live there not me! Trends aren't always right 
either, for example GRAY. 
Grays have been trending for many years now but in the 
perfect scenario they are paired with white trim and often 
have a cooler feel to them.  Remember, look at the color choice
in your lighting before painting.

2. Find Inspiration: It could be in the form of fabric, tile, flowers, pillows, anything! Explore websites like pinterest 
and houzz for ideas. Ask yourself what type of "feel" you are after 
for this room? Dramatic, bold, cozy, neutral, calm, quiet, etc.

3. Create a flow: consider threading one color throughout your main living spaces. With a popularity in creating open floor plans in new construction it has been more and more difficult to start and stop color. Because one main color has become so popular, monochromatic accents has followed suit. So if your main color is a shade of neutral tan but you would still like to incorporate an accent wall, try using a darker shade of the same color.

4. Accent: On the heels of discussing a monochromatic
 color plan there is still room for color. Use color in 
unexpected places like a main floor half bath where you c
an easily close the door.  I have seen many built-in bookshelves 
with beautiful color added to the back of the shelves.  
Get creative, it's just paint!



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